Viral News;Homeless man wins hearts for celebrating his dog’s birthday!!

‘Kindness costs nothing’ is again proved by a man from Colombia in a heartwarming video. A homeless man named Choco celebrating his dog’s birthday has won thousands of hearts across the world and is now viral on social media.

The video shows Choco sitting on the steps and placing party caps on his two furry companions. He then takes out a little cake from the plastic bag alongside candles. After lighting the candle, he began singing the Happy Birthday song to his canines and kissed them. And if it wasn’t already heartwarming enough, he serves the cake to his closest companions before tasting it himself.

He said that the party was to celebrate the 4th birthday of ‘Shaggy’- the black dog in the video. The other dog is, Nena, has been with him for ten years, and his birthday is in November. Choco received praises from the world for this simple act of kindness and is a local “hero.”

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