Giant friendship of the little boy ;world congragulates [WATCH VIDEO]

It is a common sight for young children to develop deep and special relationships with animals. Many people are in close contact with domestic dogs or cats. We have also heard that very few children make friends with wildlife. But it may be hard for many to believe that a little boy will make friends with a large stingray, but the incident is true.

The story of this unusual encounter takes place in Gran Rey, a small fishing village in the Canary Islands of Spain, with a population of about 4,000. A quiet place where people still live with wildlife. There the children spend the whole day fishing on the steps near the harbor. Joel is one of them.Along with the common small fish in the water, giant stingrays also pass by the steps near the harbor. Thus, at the end of the regular encounter, Joel was attracted to a giant stingray. They engage in an extraordinary friendship. Now, that little boy waits every morning at the dock to greet his friend. The boy is happy to see his giant friend and gives it small fish to eat.

Offering a gentle little treat to such a giant is definitely a sight to behold. Fortunately, a tourist who happened to see the scene captured that incredible moment on camera and showed it to the world. They uploaded the video to YouTube, and the video has already gone viral, reaching over 60 million views.

However, adults need to pay attention to the children watching this video. Even though Joel’s feeding and petting his friend is a touching sight, we need to understand that they are wild animals. Although stingrays are not usually aggressive, care must be taken to avoid accidents.

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