A bat fighting for its life with a python..! What finally happened..!!!

Nature contains a lot of mysteries that often frighten us and arouse our curiosity. One of the wonders before our eyes is how organisms look at the food chain to maintain the balance of nature.Food is essential for all living things to survive. Humans struggle for a lifetime to earn money to get that food. But the stomachs of animals are different from ours. Animals use force to find food and fight with each other. Eventually, the weak become the prey of the strong, and the strong swallow the weak.

When animals catch prey, they usually grabs the prey by the neck, which makes it clear why. But just as David defeated Goliath with his ingenuity, the images of a bat cleverly escaping from a snake shocked viewers around the world. Pictures have emerged of a bat trapped in a snake’s mouth and fighting to save his life.

Pictures of a python catching a bat in a tree in Brisbane and struggling to eat it were taken by Tony Morrison, a snake catcher in Redland. The bat fought for half an hour for its life against the snake that bit the bat’s head. The pictures show that the snake’s plan was to eat the bat after strangling it.

But the bat, unwilling to take his own life, spread its wings and flanked the snake. With that, the snake did not understand understand how to subdue the bat, including the wings. “This snake could not subdue the wings of the bat, and eventually the snake decided to abandon the bat,” said Tony Morrison. However, Morrison added that snakes are common in the area and are not a threat to humans.

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